Weifang Yili Precision Casting Co., ltd

Weifang Yili Precision Casting Co., ltd is located in the famous industrial city, Weifang, in Shandong Peninsula, and is a professional manufacturer and high standards of precision castings.

Our main products include turbocharger spares, turbine wheel, compressor wheel, compressor impeller, gas turbine blade, nozzle ring, nozzle guide vanes, turbojet engine, turbine blade, turbine impeller of gas turbine, turbine blade of steam turbine, marine engine turbine blades and other power equipment precision castings.

The materials we adopt mainly include nickel base high temperature alloy, iron base high temperature alloy, cobalt base super alloy, and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

We professional In Vacuum Casting ,Five-axis Machining,Lost Wax Investment Casting.


Produce Best Casting with Heart and Soul!


Our Product Range

Vacuum investment casting  



FSX-414,MAR M247,

310S C355,A357

Precision Machining

Mazak Five-axis Machining center ,

Four/Three-axis machining center,

Creep grinding machine ,

Dynamic balancing machine ect.

Wax pattern pressing mould ,


superalloy casting parts machining ect.

Products showing

Turbine wheel ,Turbine disc,Turbine blade, Nozzle ring ,Compressor wheel
Turbine blade, Turbine disc,NGV,Compressor wheel,Diffuser
Rotor blade ,Stator vane
Valve seat,Frame,Fixed and Structure parts
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